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The Chatfield Group (TCG) has provided customized Travel Booking Software for some of the world’s leading travel providers. The custom approach has served our clients for one simple reason: if a feature does not provide a benefit, why pay for it? TCG ties together a suite of software modules built and perfected over the better part of a decade to fit your unique business model. This way, every feature you get has a benefit associated with your process, allowing you to maximize productivity and help you deliver.

Unlike other software development companies we avoid pushing an out-of-the-box application which ties you to a process, mid-office, or a proprietary back-office that doesn’t fit your needs. We’ll never put our clients in a situation where they use the 10% of the travel-booking tool intended by the purchase, yet pay for 100% of it. Unfortunately, what you end up with is the added expense of even more software platforms purchased to fill the gaps in your processes that you’re not getting from that out-of-the-box “solution.” The end result is a multitude of disparate and unconnected systems cobbled together by manual processes that hemorrhage money due to inefficiency.

Let Our Travel Booking Experience Work for You

TCG has been assembled in such a way that leverages its vast custom software development and travel industry knowledge-base to meet the unique business needs of our clientele. Our staff consists of systems architects, software engineers, business analysts, and QA testers who possess years of experience in the Travel Industry at the world’s leading travel-products providers.

We listen to your needs, understand your process, and provide industry-leading solutions that help you provide the service that distinguishes you from your competition. In short, we won’t build something for you that won’t help your business.

Flexible, Custom Software

At the core of our travel booking suite are modules that cover the technology needs of travel providers in general. You choose what works best with your process, offerings and budget. We then assemble a system that meets all of your needs, not just a percentage. Also, you’re involved the whole time.

We’re not just technicians. We partner, in a sense, with our clients so that the custom solution we deliver is a product of a thoughtful and detailed collaboration, not the result of a “build-sheet.” Your success is paramount to our success, so we’re not interested in building a solution that doesn’t improve your ability to increase revenue and profits.

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with one of our travel-technology experts. We’ll help you evaluate if a custom solution can help you and your agents do more with less, save time and serve your clients so that they never go to anyone else for their travel needs.


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