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Every software project begins with the analyze phase. This phase effectively ensure the complete requirements of the sytem to be built are understood by both the client and the development team. The requirements documents produced during this phase of the project are arguably the most critical as they define what is to be built.



Once the requirement documents have been completed, we begin designing the system. This design can encompas both the look and feel of the system and equally (or even more important) guts of the back end. A great visual design with a poor software design is analaous to the ferrari exterior with a couple hamsters on wheels as the power train. At Chatfield, we make sure the engine and performance are top notch no matter what body style you choose for the exterior.



This is where the rubber hits the road. The requirments are known, the design is set and signed off on and the developers go into full gear. Depending on the size of the project the build time can range from a few days to many months and on average, build encompases roughly 60% of the project lifecycle. For lager projects, build is often broken up into many stages with checkpoints along the way for client verification and oversight. At the end of build, all software components have been unit tested and integrated together for a complete system.



Perhaps the biggest unsung heros of any organization are their quality control/assurance staff. At Chatfield, that's not the case as these individuals are brought in during the later stages of both Analyze and Design to ensure proper test cases and scripts can be put together and make sure the delivery is of top quality. The testing phase starts with System Integration Testing (SIT) which is a low level run through of all components that have been built and how they interact (integration) with each other and perhaps other external systems. Following SIT is User Acceptance Testing (UAT) where the end users or clients are invited to do testing and run through test cases they have predefined as well as any SIT test cases.


Deploy & Warranty

The last stage in any project is to push it into a production or 'live' environment. This goes for both internal and external facing applications and this is as easy as launching a new website, or as difficult as migrating mass amounts of data from a legacy system into the aplication. For our clients, this is the make or break and we approach all of our production deployments with the utmost care. Beyond that, all projects which utilize all stages of our lifecycle are warrantied for some period after rollout to cover any issues which might arrise during initial usage


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