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For starters, thank you for stopping by our little space on the web. At this point in our relationship, we don’t know much about you or exactly why you’ve dropped by today, but we can guess that you either have a question or need a solution to a problem and we’re grateful that you have chosen to consider us!

Whether you are the owner of a growing business, an IT manager/director, a marketing professional, or a C-level executive at a major corporation, we believe that we have answers and solutions to the questions and challenges you’re facing.

You may be here to find out how to get help with writing an RFP for an IT project. Perhaps you need to know the best way to scale your finance & accounting system to meet the growing needs of your burgeoning business. It may just be that you’re working with another development firm and you need to know how to smoothly transition to a more competent vendor. Do you need to evaluate a particular software implementation strategy? Will it meet your objectives? Maybe it’s something completely different; The Chatfield Group has seen it all and we have been there for folks just like you.

Making the Complicated, Simple

Our consulting practice is there to help you wade through complex, long-term considerations. Whether you are an IT expert or barely know how to maintain your own laptop, your questions and challenges have brought you here and we can help. TCG is here to protect your blind-spot by broadening your view and fill the gap in your understanding by helping you wade through the oftentimes complex world of software technology.

If you’ve read this far, go ahead and take that next step. Call or email. We will take the time to understand your problem and provide the answers you need to travel the path toward your goals.


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