Consulting Services: Project Management

Ensure Project Success Every Time

Nothing can sink a project like poor (or no) project management. Inattention to timelines and budgets; scope-creep; and poor communication amongst team members will, in no uncertain terms, cost you. A seasoned, dedicated project manager stays on top of budgets, watches timelines like a hawk, and curbs the all-too-human inclination to add unnecessary and expensive features to the punch-list. On top of all that, communication – one of the most-underrated aspects of project delivery – must be paramount.

The project manager:

  • Composes the project plan and maps out delivery milestones

  • Ensures that project requirements are understood by all parties…

  • Communicates project status to sponsors…

  • Motivates team-members…

  • Manages project budgets…

  • Maintains development schedules…

  • …and much, much more.

Our Project Management staff is comprised of seasoned, PMP-certified, fastidious, and detail-oriented professionals who are as much diplomats as they are field-generals. We take responsibility when other software development companies pass the buck. We also take planning and delivery strategy seriously.

Serious, Certified Project Management

If you have a software application development or implementation project beginning soon and do not have a competent project manager overseeing the operation, please call us for a free risk analysis. We guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.

If 8-30% of a project’s cost for project management seems like a lot, you cannot afford not to have a seasoned, competent PM on the job. Total project costs can easily double or triple if improperly managed. Don’t stake your reputation, productivity, or your most valuable relationships on a few saved dollars by neglecting necessary project management.

The Chatfield Group’s Project Management Consulting Service can help you if you already have one (or even a team) of PMs. We also consult on program management office (PMO) processes and strategies.


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