Foundational Products

In developing software for a broad array of industries, The Chatfield Group discovered there are certain foundational elements that cross business lines. Rather than re-invent the wheel, we've broken down these complex industry-specific solutions, creating our Foundation Tool Box.


The Foundation Tool Box contains elements that every business application needs. Thus, it becomes the "pre-build building blocks" for your software installations. Below, you'll find a sampling of what Chatfield has to offer from our Tool Box.

TCG InControl

Is your website out of control? Are you frustrated with over-priced maintenance fees and "support" that never seems to be there when you're in need? Does your site look the same as it did the day it was first launched?


TCG InControl puts you back in the driver's seat! Now you can change your site's content anytime, anywhere. No HTML or programming skills required. Anyone can do it. And you can set up the software with permission levels, to ensure different team members have appropriate content management capabilities based on their role in your organization.


What you can do with TCG InControl:

  • Create, edit and publish web pages in minutes

  • Immediately post breaking news and press releases

  • Add content to your blog whenever the mood strikes

  • Upload and post files of any type (e.g. PDF, JPG, MP3)

Best of all, TCG InControl works with existing websites. It's web-based, so no software installation is required, enabling access from any computer at home, work or on the road.


Travel Booking Engine

The Chatfield Group has been creating and improving booking engines since the advent of the Internet, and with that experience comes a powerful booking engine that meets the needs of travel providers from everywhere in the flow. From agencies and consolidators to airlines and hotels, our booking engine technology powers the workflows that run the industry.

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