Our Online Booking Software Will Make Your Work Smoother, More Effective

TCG had its beginning in travel software development, our very first project being assigned to us on September 12, 2001. Since then, we’ve expanded our business, taken on new clients, and made our products into the brightest name in custom software.

Our customer base has not only grown into other industries, but has branched out within the field of travel as well. This many years down the road, we’ve been of service to small travel agencies just starting up all the way up to long-established travel giants, and everything in-between. No matter who approached us, we ensured that our product was the best quality on the market. When you come to TCG for online booking software, you can be certain that we’re providing you with a product that will enable your success.

Software Developed to Work around the Clock

TCG has fostered a very thorough understanding of the nature of the travel industry over our years of involvement with it. We’ve covered every base with our travel software, and we’ve seen the excellent results they’ve brought to companies. One of our biggest concerns for such a high-stress field was to make our products work: smoothly and seamlessly. That’s why we’ve developed an online booking system, so all the information you need on your business is just a click away.

It incorporates all the best aspects of our original booking system, such as the connection to every major Global Distribution System (GDS) as well as non-GDS sources. This provides you with access to availabilities of cars, tours, excursions, hotels, cruises, and air. We’ve also ensured that you get end-to-end reservation software, so availability, booking, and front- and back-office systems are encompassed within our booking software.

Three Aims of Software Development

At TCG, we believe that quality software can also be cost-efficient. We have three aims every time we develop a program: swift, inexpensive, and effective. We haven’t disappointed our clients yet. With your ultimate success in mind, we develop software that fits all your needs, and won’t be a strain on you in any aspect. If you want TCG to develop your online booking software, trust that you’ll be getting a product crafted by our three aims.

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