inControl Content Management System

When we first built inControl, there were three major goals we wanted to accomplish.

  1. First, it had to be easy to use;

  2. Second, offer features that save time and money; and

  3. Third, make it flexible and scalable to the needs of a diverse clientele.

We like to think that we accomplished all three.

Easy to Use Interface

What makes inControl easy to use is the interface. Almost every aspect is intuitive to what you need when updating website content. For one thing, the interface is your actual website framed by our inControl tool-set. When you want to change something, just click on it – the content-editable section is clearly defined, yet does not obscure the look of your site. You’ll then have a WYSIWYG editor with a set of tools in not unlike those you find in Microsoft Word, except better.

Unlike many CMS offerings, our inControl Content Management System was built so that anyone – regardless of technical ability – could take control of their company’s message via the web. This means empowerment and cost savings.

Save Time & Money

With a CMS so easy to use, an intern can do it, you can put that IT budget to better uses. Gone are the days when employees with special degrees and skill-sets where the only people who could make a change to the web site. Gone are the days when a content change had to wait until the schedule of the only person who could make a change to your website had time to do it. The Mount Olmpus of the web has been scaled by mere mortals and inControl puts the power to update your website in the hands of the people who should, and can do it, right now!

“Wait a minute,” you say, “that’s great and all, but what about getting it live? Don’t I need a geek-filled lab and Red Bull bribes to actually deploy the changes?” In a word… no. In two words…absolutely not! In five words…how does one click sound? Publishing your new content is a single click away.

Flexible, So Your Website Can Easily Grow & Change

One particular feature of inControl is not only cost-effective, it also makes your website more flexible. Let’s say you have 20 pages of content now, but you’re growing and a company your size needs more pages for all the new products, services, or markets you’re serving up. How does 100 pages sound? How about 1000? How can you afford to exponentially grow the size of your web site in lock-step with your growing company? With inControl, it doesn’t cost a thing to add a new page; or several. inControl give you the power to create, names, optimize, add content and publish new pages all day long.

Let’s say that you’re a web-developer. We’ve considered you, too. You’ll be able to use all of your HTML wizardry with inControl. See? Flexible.

Packed with Features

inControl is also feature-packed. Here are just a few of the features available:

  • Multiple users and tiered permission levels

  • Content-specific permission levels

  • Future publishing

  • Flash content management

  • Dynamic content support

  • Feature-rich Photo gallery

  • Meta description/meta-tags for pages, images, and other content types

  • Search engine spider friendly

  • One-click publishing

  • Page management

  • User management

  • Simple to use

  • Custom templates

  • Blog

  • Newsletters

  • RSS feeds

We’d like to show you how we met our goals with inControl, and how it can help you meet yours. Contact us for your free demonstration. You can’t afford to delay.


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