Enterprise Survey Platform (ESP)

World-class market-research companies, marketing professionals, large and small businesses… all of these are people and institutions whose job it is to plumb the depths of human behavior, consumer trends, and public opinion. They also trust The Chatfield Group’s Enterprise Survey Platform (ESP) as a powerful tool to ask the important questions and get the answers they need to be successful in a competitive world.

In a nutshell, ESP delivers all of the survey instruments that you need to gather the business, political and social intelligence you’re looking for. Coupled with our highly successful business intelligence dashboard, you can have all the information you’re looking for at the tip of your fingers and real-time. From Net Promoter customer satisfaction studies to political canvassing opinion or product feedback studies, ESP has you covered.

Flexible, powerful, customizable

With ESP, we provide the tools to design, build, deploy and gather feedback from survey studies. Choose from a myriad of question types like open-ended, close ended, multiple choice, categorical, Likert-scale, ordinal, numerical, rank-order, or constant sum. Our Enterprise Survey Platform employs a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use rules engine that allows you to configure contingency questions, filter questions, and skips based on numerous conditions built for and by the research community.

Getting the questions to the right people is just as important. You can upload lists manually or we can integrate your customer relationship management, HR database, or any other database driven software or list system. Our custom proprietary software can either send e-mails with unique identifiers to potential respondents or serve up studies for call-center operations.

Multi-language support

How about multiple languages? You bet. One of our clients is currently using ESP for studies going to 50 countries and counting. ESP even supports dialects!

We work with some of the highest-respected researchers in the business, and our attention to their needs is evident in ESP’s capabilities. Take anonymity, for example. We’ve taken great care to ensure that researchers can conduct their activities with the highest levels of credibility.

When surveys are responded to, answer data is recorded, carefully cataloged and made available for download. If coupled with one of TCG’s feature-rich dashboards, results are displayed real-time behind any level of security you would want or could imagine.

Understanding people’s beliefs, attitudes, preferences and desires isn’t just for academics anymore. And if you are an academic, let us give you a free demonstration of our Enterprise Survey Platform. Contact The Chatfield Group today to learn how you can transform your business by asking the right people the right questions.


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