The web has been the greatest thing that has happened to business since the invention of currency. e-Commerce tools increase revenues and save money by reaching more customers with fewer resources. Never before have local micro-companies been able to compete on the same level as behemoth multi-national corporations.

You already know this, so if you don't have customers purchasing from your website, the questions is why?

If your current e-Commerce solution doesn't tie seamlessly into your inventory control, accounting, fulfillment, customer relationship and marketing automation systems, let's chat.


The Chatfield Group should be your e-Commerce solutions partner. We stand shoulder to shoulder with you to define, design and build a e-Commerce solution that meets your unique needs for your unique market - everything you need, none of what you don't.


Custom and Semi-custom e-Commerce solutions


  • e-Commerce strategy consulting

  • End-to-end project management services

  • Vendor selection, RFP/RFQ consultation

  • Implementation  consultation and support

  • Testing and remediation

  • Current systems enhancement

  • Systems integration

  • Mobile solutions (iPhone, Blackberry, mobile applications)

  • SEO best practices

  • Content management Infrastructure consulting


ESPN Mobile

AOL Fantasy Sports

Mesa Air Group (Go! Airlines Corporate and Government Travel)




Sports and Entertainment

Consumer Goods

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