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The Chatfield Group has helped a broad range of businesses acheive their goals through expert solutions tailored specifically to their needs. No business is unique and at Chatfield, we realize that it's that uniqueness in the marketplace that differntiates our customers from their competition. From the old saying... 'When the only tool you posses is a hammer, every problem begins to resemble a nail". We use all the tools in our toolbox to make sure the solution we implement  is perfect for you today and into your future.


The Chatfield Group and its principals have helped many companies to realize their business goals through effective communications and Internet technology. Here are a few examples.



Case Study: Content Management System

Client: Harkins Theatres


Arizona-based Harkins Theatres was re-launching its website and needed a robust, flexible, scalable Content Management System (CMS) that could keep up with the content management requirements of the fast-paced, high-traffic site., when revamping their latest website, had a need to provide constantly updated content based upon official release times.


Working with Arizona-based E.B. Lane Interactive (who led the strategy, architecture, content, and design), The Chatfield Group leveraged its existing Content Management System (CMS) to provide a custom .NET solution for Harkins’ new web site, The Content Management System was configured to include multiple webservices, custom Flash administration tools, tiered user levels and time-sensitive controls. The final result was a hard-working, user-friendly Content Management System that gives Harkins the ability to manage time-sensitive web content without the need to involve the web development & IT staff at all hours of the night.

Bottom Line:

The Chatfield Group delivered a robust, feature-rich Content Management System (CMS) that allows Harkins Theatres’ staff to update the site continuously. This tool truly helps Harkins deliver the Ultimate Moviegoing® experience.




Case Study: Travle Booking Engines

Client: Toronto-based FareLogix, Inc.


Farelogix' goal is to provide instant access to virtually every available airfare, simultaneously sourced from multiple reservation systems, filtered through contract regulations, displayed on a single screen including price, travel options, real-time booking and payment. However, this complex system was not scalable, lacked coding documentation and standards, and thus the software contained multiple potential points of failure.


The Chatfield Group modified Farelogix' existing booking engine by creating an enhanced architecture for scalability and maintenance. TCG also implemented company-wide coding/documentation standards, rewrote critical software for improved performance. The result led to reduced time to market for new client installations, easier/cheaper software maintenance, increased uptime/reliability and increased scalability.

 Bottom Line:

TCG took what's been called "the world's most sophisticated, Internet- based booking engine and contract management system" ... and improved it.

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