Calisto Travel Booking Portal

In the near-decade we’ve been in business, The Chatfield Group has become quite adept in serving travel suppliers, bokers, agencies, wholesalers, consolidators… you name it. From maintaining and upgrading the travel software systems of one of the largest travel agencies in the world to helping smaller companies launch and grow, we know travel.

The question then becomes: as the travel industry peaks in terms of how competitive it has become, how can we help you thrive and grow? We believe that Calisto is the answer.

Calisto is an travel booking portal that draws together all of the travel provider tools you need into one place. You have the choice of an online hosted version or we can install it on your own servers. Connectivity to any GDS or all of them is available. Off-GDS content? Calisto provides that too!

Powerful Travel Booking Engine

Here is a list of features/capabilities that Calisto offers:

  • Hosted or stand-alone solution

  • Published fares

  • Private fares

  • Dynamic packaging

  • Dynamic mark-ups

  • Front office tools

  • Mid-office tools

  • Back-office tools

  • Customized PNR/File finishing

  • PNR modification

  • Customer profiles

  • Rules engine

  • Customized booking flows

  • Up-sell capabilities

  • Cross-sell capabilities

  • Agent management

  • Cueing

  • Content management

  • Reporting

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with one of our travel-technology experts. We want to show you how a consolidated suite of tools can help you and your agents do more with less, save time and serve your clients in a way that ensures that they come back time and time again for their travel needs.


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