Business Intelligence Reporting

Providing daily insight to Fortune 500 leaders and to decision-makers for global markets from Scottsdale to Stockholm, Chatfield's Web-based business intelligence dashboard reporting application delivers the business intelligence you need when you need it.


Working in close coordination with industry leaders in market research, we originally developed our dashboard to communicate database-driven Net Promoter Scores.  Our latest innovations allow you to see real-time customer satisfaction metrics as customers interact with on-line survey tools.


Like every Chatfield solution, our dashboard reporting application is custom-fit to your needs and can be enhanced to cater specifically to your market.  Standard features include:


  • Up-to-date, on-demand reporting

    • Global,

    • national,

    • regional,

    • district, and

    • even site- and person-specific reporting

    • Direct reporting of unfiltered customer comments

  • Support for multiple levels of business reporting

    • User permission management allows different report access for executives versus local managers

    • Custom-filtered reports for lower-level permissions excise sensitive data elements

  • Support for multiple languages and countries

  • Reporting/organization drill-down

  • Comparison and analysis tools

  • Trending capabilities

  • Raw data export

  • Graphic export (for use in reporting outside of the dashboard)


Sample business intelligence screens


Main dashboard:




Statistic detail with branch-level comparison:








Customer comments:




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