Business Intelligence Software to Bolster Your Company

TCG wants to combat the idea that one-size-fits-all software will aid a business in reaching its potential – quite the opposite: we firmly believe that business intelligence software custom-made to fit a company's unique technological needs will provide a smooth, secure route to long-term success.


Experience in Varied Business Fields


Because of how well our business intelligence applications are proven to work, the Chatfield Group has had clients come to us from all walks of the business world. Over the years, we've had experience serving sports and entertainment, retail, healthcare, public utilities, and call-center operations among others.

Consequently, TCG has worked under any number of different timelines and budgets. Every time we ensure that we deliver quality business analytics, no matter what the variables may be. We don't believe in sacrificing the caliber of our software for financial or time constraints.


Cost-Effective and Energy-Saving Analytics, Reporting


Businesses know better than most that “time equals money,” and at TCG, we incorporate that value into our product. Our business intelligence reporting software doesn't work for a company, it works with a company. This overcomes the hurdles that a business would have to deal with when using off-the-shelf software. The Chatfield Group wants to remove the time-consuming stress and confusion that common clunky software brings. Our business intelligence dashboards are tailored to the specifications of your company, so you can invest your energy into the things that matter, and say goodbye to wasting time trying to cope with software ill-suited to your needs.


A Software Company That's “Been There”


Our business analytics programmers started out their careers in a variety of places: retail, healthcare, consumer and business travel . . . Wherever you're coming from, we have a programmer who's been there. That's what makes TCG the software company that really “gets it.” We deeply understand the nuances of different fields of business, and therefore are able to properly diagnose and effectively solve business intelligence software problems with ease.

If you're feeling trapped, held back, or let down by your company's current software, let the Chatfield Group and our proven business intelligence services come in and give you the help you need.

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