What is a Business Intelligence Dashboard?

A good business intelligence dashboard assembles real-time metrics from various aspects of your business and focuses them into an easily digestible webpage. TCG believes that smooth and effective software should also remove the technological stress from your work life by proving easy use through clean, understandable approaches. This means you can work anytime, anywhere simply by accessing your company's key performance indicators via our easy-to-use software dashboard.


Forget Complication: Less is More


So much of the time it seems that we have to sacrifice simplicity for ability when it comes to programming. The software that most of us are stuck with often has a variety of irrelevant features that take time and practice to disregard and work past. Moreover, what's done at the office is left at the office when it comes to the technology available, and that adds stress and uncertainty when you just need to quickly check in or finish up the details on a project.

The Chatfield Group has solutions that kill two birds with one stone. Our business analytics software will work with your company in a way that no off-the-shelf programming can, eliminating the difficulty and confusion that surrounds normal software usage. In conjunction with our software, TCG's business intelligence dashboard functions as an extension of your company, allowing you the comfort and security of having access to real time information on your business just a mouse click away, no matter where you are.


We Utilize Every Resource Available


TCG likes to know we're providing our clients with the best and brightest options and solutions on the market. One of the greatest tools we have at our disposal in this day and age is cloud computing. Our business intelligence dashboard makes full use of the possibilities the Internet offers us, assuring that the technology we create stays innovative and cutting-edge. We appreciate knowing that no resources we have available to us go to waste, and we know our customers do too.

The Chatfield Group seeks to keep its products fresh and ahead of the curve, which is why we're proud to present our business intelligence reporting to our customers. If you feel ready to employ our effective approaches to your company, TCG is just a phone call away.

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