Trust Our Booking Software to Bolster Your Company

TCG started nearly a decade ago with a project given to us by a travel company. That bright beginning was, remarkably, assigned on September 12, 2001. Since then, we’ve grown in respect and prominence, honing our software and ensuring that everything we put out is the best on the market.

We’ve gained clients from all venues of the travel industry, from small independent agencies to international travel corporations. Each and every time we’ve proved that we can provide quality and reliability under any circumstance. You can be sure that if you ask TCG for booking software, we’ll give you a product that will propel your business forward.

Software Reliable under Any Circumstance

TCG has gained a secure understanding of the travel industry over our years of working in it. We understand better than most software companies the fast-paced, competitive, and volatile nature of it. Any little kink in the system can mean the toppling of a business when you’re working in such constricting conditions, and that’s why TCG has developed our travel software to be lastingly smooth, reliable, and effective.

We wanted to make our booking systems as secure as possible, so we linked them to every major Global Distribution System (GDS) as well as non-GDS sources. This gives access to the availabilities of cruises, cars, tours, air, hotels, and excursions without fail. We’ve also seen to it that our booking software is able to give you end-to-end reservation software by incorporating availability, booking, and front- and back-office systems.

Our Dedication to Your Success

TCG strives to act as not simply a business but a business partner when working with you. From the beginning, our customers’ success has been at the forefront of our goals, and we take measures every step of the way to make sure that the software we provide you is unique to your needs and will give you the most complete and long-term solution possible.

We Promise the “Two E’s”

We believe in the “Two E’s”: efficiency and effectiveness. We develop our software to be time-, energy, and cost-efficient, and to provide you with effective and productive service as long as you have it. Whether you’re a travel agency just starting up or a multi-million dollar travel giant, we promise you that our booking software will be the most efficient and effective on the market.

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