About The Chatfield Group

2001 was a difficult year to start a software company. The dot-com bubble had inflicted its damage on the industry with a ripple effect through the whole economy. If that were not challenging enough, Simon Chatfield – TCG’s founder and CEO – kicked off TCGs first project on September 12, 2001 in the travel industry! Given those sets of circumstances, no one would believe that nearly ten years later, The Chatfield Group would be the thriving custom software development company that it is today.

Custom Application Development, Since 2001

The key to our success has been simple: since 2001 our software solutions have helped companies do more with less. Our clients are more profitable, run smoother, and reach more markets, utilizing fewer resources. In other words, our clients’ successes have fueled our success.

The Chatfield Group has also filled a unique gap in the industry. Software development companies often employ a one-size-fits-all mentality when developing software solutions for a vastly diverse clientele. These other companies fail to really understand a client’s business model, the problem they wish to solve with technology, their unique needs, existing systems and processes, and what exactly is needed to solve that problem. At Chatfield, we consider ourselves partners with the client in getting to the root of the challenge at hand. We listen. We then design a solution that addresses the real problem so that clients do not spend their scarce resources on solutions that leave them in the same place they started.

A Software Development Company That Really “Gets It”

We have a team of software engineers, business systems analysts, and QA resources who started their careers in industries like yours: consumer and business travel, financial services, manufacturing, sports and entertainment, retail, healthcare, call-center operations and public utilities. Our diversity fuels innovation through cross-pollination across industries and deep experience.

Chatfield’s software engineers are seasoned in all programming languages, database systems, and the latest technology platforms so that we are not limited by the tools we use to solve your business problem. Java,, C/C++, Visual Basic, PHP, C#, Objective-C and so on. Oracle, Informix, SQL Server, MySQL and Postgres…the list goes on… 

How can we help you do more with less? Let us help you join the hundreds of satisfied clients that chose The Chatfield Group to help them solve business problems with technology.

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