A History of The Chatfield Group, Founded 2001

The Chatfield Group has been based in Greater Phoenix since its founding in 2001. Although the company is currently headquartered in Mesa, Arizona, the firm's first office was in North Phoenix. As the software development company enters its 10th year, now is a great time to look back at the firm's humble beginnings, taking note of milestones along the way, and celebrating where the firm stands today.


The Chatfield Group was founded in 2001 by Simon Chatfield and his brother, Brady. The business quickly grew serving clients in the healthcare, travel and entertainment industries. The company's two largest clients were Farelogix, a Toronto-based travel technology company, and Phoenix-based Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association. The Chatfield Group also had many smaller clients throughout Arizona and the Southwest.


For the Arizona Hospital Association, the Chatfield Group created a custom software application that discovered, organized and distributed online news clippings to the Association's member hospitals. For Farelogix, Chatfield helped refine and build upon the industry's premiere custom travel booking engine.


In 2003, Chatfield captured its first new media client, taking on custom application development for Ready Set Go Fantasy Sports, a Phoenix-based entertainment company that needed an algorithm for fantasy football predictions. The founders may have not known it then, but The Chatfield Group was on its way to becoming one of the larger software development companies in Phoenix.



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